Defending Mother Earth

Audio of Debra White Plume’s talk at the 2012 Left Forum panel entitled, ‘Decolonize the ‘Occupy’ Movements: Defending Mother Earth and Confronting American Capitalism’. Among other interesting things, she speaks of her recent arrest while resisting the XL tar sands pipeline.

Click here for more information about this Left Forum panel, including more extensive biographies of Deborah White Plume and the other speakers.

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Debra White Plume – Defending Mother Earth

3 Responses to Defending Mother Earth

  1. Lynda Duke says:

    The oil industry has already proven time and time again that 1. They don’t care about the ecology of any land/water mass. 2. Its all about profits. 3. They will do anything it takes to get oil, even if its taking land that is not rightly theirs even if promised by the American Government.



    AHo keep up the great work .we all need to pull togther all native americans and push the goverment like they have once pushed us . timothyjesse SALINAN CALIFORNIA NATIVE .

  3. Alana Ronald says:

    It is a sad story that Ms’. White Plume must, in 2013, knowing about further proposed rape of the land and al that this entails, must fight yet again, for what should be a natural birthright. G-d bless her.

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